Taormina is a small town with a rich history on the oriental coast of Sicily. It is incredible how such a small town may contain such a great number of places of interest.

Founded in the 4th. century B.C. on the site of the Sicels settlement it is filled with reminiscences of different peoples. Here you can go to a concert into the Greek-Roman theatre, see Byzantine graves, reach the Saracen castle on the top of the mount Montetauro, visit an exhibition in the medieval gothic palazzo and stroll through the city garden laid out by an English lady.

In Taormina you can admire the amazing seascapes, immortalized by famous artists, walk in favorite places of world-famous writers, take pictures in the same scenery as the top models of famous fashion brands.

And you can study Sicily, trying Caesar's favourite wine, tomatoes from Pachino, onions from Giarratana, salt from Trapani, fish from the Strait of Messina, marzipan from Palermo, desserts of Arab origin, pistachios from Bronte, and much more in the numerous bars, "trattorias" and restaurants of Taormina.